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Ways To Support Employee Health And Wellness In 2024

Facility managers can help support employees wellness by offering amenities, providing resources, and creating a healthy environment.
Health and wellness are top of mind when a new year begins. While many people focus on improving their health by revamping their exercise routines, many individuals also focus how to reduce their stress levels, at work and at home.
According to the Healthy Work Survey, work stressors are a leading cause of chronic illness. In addition to the impact work stress has on an individual’s life, “unhealthy work also costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars every year in health care, absenteeism, and lost productivity.”
Other studies have shown that people  are worried about their workplace well-being.
For facility executives, creating a healthy environment is critical to protect staff and visitor well-being. In addition to regularly cleaning spaces, here are a few ways to help make facilities as healthy as possible to help employees stick to their wellness goals:
1. Offer Amenities – Naturally, having an in-office gym or offering nutritious food in kitchens definitely helps employees stick to their fitness and health goals. One thing to keep in mind: more building occupants are prioritizing indoor air quality over other amenities. Adding in air purification products is one way to help employees feel more comfortable coming into work.
2. Plan Active Team-Building Events – Not every facility has the space or ability to offer in-building gyms. But, either partnering with local gyms or planning team-bonding activities that revolve around an active event, such as a 5K, is a great way to encourage employees to get in some exercise.
3. Provide Daylight – Natural light not only supports wellness, it also supports productivity. According to the Lighting Research Center, when building occupants have quality exposure to daylight indoors, it results in improved occupant comfort, mood, and productivity, and decreased stress and rates of depression.
4. Reduce Stressors – A big part of a facility manager’s role is to monitor how operations are running. Is there any aspect of your process that is particularly stressful? Is there one team that seems to struggle more than others? At the beginning of the year, now is the time to assess the past year and make any adjustments. Take the initiative to improve the process, and identify what the main point of contention is. Is it a disorganized team member? Are there products that can help streamline processes so it’s easier on employees? Taking this step can have a massive impact on a team’s productivity, and overall happiness.
5. Create A Supportive Space – It’s unrealistic for organizations to shield employees from all stressors, but if any person is struggling, there should be a support system available. OSHA has resources for facility executives to reference, including mental health checklists and suicide prevention resources. Other organizations, such as the American Psychological Association, The National Safety Council, and Mental Health America, also offer tips and resources to support employees experiencing mental health challenges. These materials cover everything from supporting employees’ transition back to the office, to how to provide support after a crisis.
By keeping these strategies in mind, facility executives can foster a healthy and productive environment in 2024.
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