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Safety and Security tips around your travels during this festive season. 

December and Christmas are at our fingertips again. It’s the time of the year that is reserved for traveling to be with family members. Considering the security and financial state , traveling by road during this festive season has to be done with caution.

Solid Rock gives the following 12 tips that we strongly recommend that you adhere to:
1. Plan your movement ahead
You have to be very specific about where you’re traveling to and how you intend to get there. Decide on the time at which you hit the road and adhere strictly to the decided departure time.  
Make all necessary bookings and arrangements for the vehicle you’ll be journeying in so you don’t have to worry about anything at the dying minute. 
Sticking to the plan at this point helps the overall outcome of the trip.
2. Have car tools
One of the hiccups of road trips is the unforeseen car problems that the vehicle you’re traveling in could develop. Overheating, flat tires, and fuel finishing, are some of the issues you’re likely to encounter so you must prepare for them. Make sure the vehicle is serviced before the trip, buy a full tank of fuel and some extra in a jerrycan, and have a spare tire, tire jack, warning triangle, fire extinguisher, water, razor, etc. 
 3. Avoid over-speeding
A handful of the roads that lead to other states in Nigeria are not in the best condition. The roads might be relatively free and even smooth up to specific points but they have potholes. It is in your best interest that you drive steadily and reduce your speed.
4. Avoid night traveling
The motivation behind traveling at night is the lack of traffic because there would be fewer vehicles on the road during those hours. Due to the current spike in insecurity within the country, it is advisable that you only travel during the day. If night comes while you’re still on your journey, find a place to retire then you continue during the day. 
5. Don’t ignore traffic rules
The traffic rules that you follow in Lagos are applicable while on a road trip to other states. Ensure that you use your seatbelt and you don’t go above the speed limit. Obey all traffic lights and have all your vehicle documents. This will prevent you from getting into trouble with road enforcement authorities in unfamiliar territories.
6. When in doubt, don’t travel
If you are uncertain about your safety and the state of the roads that lead to your destination, discard all of your travel plans.
7. Constantly Communicate With Loved Ones

While out and about during your stay or in your hometown this festive season, it is advisable to be in constant communication with friends and loved ones of upstanding character and whom you trust. Find one or two people whom you can always update about your current location and planed movements. This will be quite helpful should the need arise to track your movement due to an eventuality.

8. Keep Things Simple And Protect Your Valuables

It is quite usual to unintentionally appear (or even want to be identified) as someone who just came to visit your locality just for the festive season. However, this poses the risk of drawing a lot of unnecessary attention to yourself as a returnee because such attention could make you a potential target for robbers, kidnappers or fraudsters who take advantage of such returnees to extort cash and other valuables.

Every traveler is therefore encouraged to blend in as much as possible into their surroundings so as to stay outside the radar of unscrupulous individuals. In the same way, make sure that at any one time, you don’t have a lot of cash and valuables on you in order to possibly minimize losses should you fall victim to any unfortunate circumstances.

9. Distracted Driving and Alcoholism: Distracted driving is proven a significant cause of accidents globally. Avoid the use of mobile phones, conversations, eating while driving that would distract you while driving. Alcohol also makes you less responsive to taking action, avoiding all forms of intoxicants when driving.

The goal is always to travel and arrive safely at your destination with these ember months driving tips. Whether you are driving or being driven, you can play a role in ensuring accountability for yourself or your driver. We wish you safe travels this season and fewer accidents on our roads. 

10. Pre-travel research

As you begin to book your travel, research the destinations you will be visiting beforehand. Take note of risky areas and places you would need to seek out assistance for. Familiarise yourself with emergency numbers and take note of specific country restrictions such as electrical outlet wattage, local customs, traditions and holiday schedules.

11. Never carry a lot of cash on you as you travel
Avoid carrying and using too much cash while travelling. As you make plans for your Christmas vacation, consider obtaining a pre-loaded debit card not tied to any of your bank accounts back home. Always keep a small separate amount hidden somewhere on your person in case of emergency. Avoid carrying valuables including tablets, laptops or expensive cameras when out for the day.
12. Travel in groups this Christmas
It’s pretty much easier to rob one person than a group of people. So, where possible, plan your trips and vacations in a group. Asides being safer, travelling in a group could be much more fun than you could have travelling solo especially if visiting a foreign language country. So, before finalising your travel plans, find out if there are any organised group packages to your chosen destination.
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