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Facility and Risk Management Tips presented by www.solidrockfacilitymanagers.com 
We continue our holiday series on safety and security with focus on our businesses and work place.
Important safety and security tips for businesses over the festive season
As the holidays are approaching, many businesses are winding down and preparing for a year-end break, while for many others, it's their busiest time of year. Certain industries may see an increase in revenue over the holidays as people enjoy a little down-time and celebrations with family and friends.
So, it's important for business owners to take appropriate measures to ensure their businesses are safe and well protected during this period. At Solid Rock , we look at some essential tips to see businesses safely through the festive season.
Ensure your business insurance plan offers sufficient cover
“It is important for business owners to make sure they have sufficient cover for the risks their business faces – whether it be for property theft or damage, stock and vehicle challenges, or liabilities such as cyber and reputational risks,” says Discovery Business Insurance Chief Operating Officer, Lana Ross. She says that it is especially important that the sum insured for each type of cover is enough to protect a business, should an event occur that results in losses.
Businesses that are open during the holidays
If your business is open during the holidays, you help make your business more secure by:
1. Increasing the number of staff you have on duty, especially during peak business hours 
2. Hiring additional staff to assist with increased sales/traffic and cover extended hours
3. Screening new staff through background, criminal and reference checks, as well as a thorough interview process
4. Training your staff and ensuring they have the tools they need to handle increased traffic and risks
5. Encouraging employees to move around your store to help customers and act as a deterring presence for criminals
6. Minimizing the amount of cash kept in tills and within the store
Increasing the frequency of cash pickups for deposit runs
7. Teaching your employees how to identify counterfeit money
8. Stationing an employee at the exit to check bags and receipts
9. Using security tags on products, especially high-value items and products that can be easily pocketed 
10. Using managed access control to secure high-value inventory and managing the number of employees who have access 
11. Making sure you know which items are most often targeted by thieves during the holiday (electronics, clothing, jewelry, etc) 
12. Installing security solution that will protect your staff and your assets
Businesses that are closed during the holidays
If your business is closed during the holidays, you can protect your business by: 
1. Making sure all doors and windows are properly secured 
2. Disconnecting and removing computers that are not currently being used
3. Locking paperwork and financial information in filing cabinets
4. Making sure paperwork that needs to be shredded has been 
5. Ensuring your printer is in a secure location locally saved files have been deleted 
6. Depositing any cash you usually keep on site in a bank 
7. Securing servers by restricting access using up-to-date managed access control 
8. Limiting access to the roof and upper floors from outside your building 
9. Installing good lighting around the perimeter of your office to help deter criminals and make it easier for passersby to spot suspicious activity 
10. Ensuring valuable items are out of site 
11. Closing blinds so criminals can’t “shop” before they break in 
12. Installing verified security solutions that will reduce false alarm rates, minimize damage and increase rates of apprehension if there is a crime 
The holidays are a great time for business, but they are also a time when criminals are looking to take advantage of increased traffic and distracted employees. By taking some extra security measures, you can help make sure that your business is safe and secure this holiday season.
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