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The Importance of green cleaning. Part Three 
More cleaning companies are focused on creating safer, environmentally-friendly solutions that are more efficient for facility managers.
Today we focus on how  green cleaning chemistry has improved 
Years ago, green cleaning products did cost more and were less effective because there were fewer manufacturers of these chemical cleaners. Today’s environment looks very different.
Over the past several years, we’ve seen green chemistry greatly improve. With large chemical manufacturers transitioning away from standard chemistry and moving toward more green-certified products, these cleaners are now fairly abundant, keeping costs low and competitive with traditional solutions. Any cleaning product labeled “green” must be certified by independent parties such as Design For the Environment (DFE) or Ecologo, which perform intensive testing on green-labeled products to ensure the chemicals used are not hazardous to people or the environment.
Businesses that have weathered the COVID-19 pandemic have upped their game when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting methods. They’re quickly recognizing that greener, more innovative, and environmentally friendly cleaning programs are not only more sustainable but more cost-effective and efficient. The green industry will continue to grow and adapt, and businesses and facilities that adopt greener cleaning programs today are ensuring a healthier environment for employees, the public, and perhaps an even greener bottom line for tomorrow.
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