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The Importance of green cleaning. Part Two
More cleaning companies are focused on creating safer, environmentally-friendly solutions that are more efficient for facility managers.
Today we focus on the advantages and merits of green cleaning.
Green cleaning practices go beyond just meeting environmental regulations. They’ve become a more mainstream solution for many facilities that must do more with less – less labor due to worker shortages and less funding for comprehensive cleaning programs. Other benefits include:
1. Cost efficiency. Many of the green cleaners today come concentrated and are easily diluted. One cleaner now does the job of three different products.
2. Training efficiency. Employees must be properly trained on how to use each chemical cleaner safely and effectively. Having fewer chemicals means employees need to be trained on a couple of cleaning products compared to dozens.Improved indoor air quality and safety. 
3. A small number of chemical cleaners utilized per square foot mean an overall safer indoor environment, free of VOCs, excessive fragrances, and fumes that contribute to indoor air pollution. 
At Solid Rock ,we’ve found that customers who have implemented green-certified cleaning programs utilizing products that have low or no residual fragrances or chemical odors state that occupants are taking notice of the change. With greener cleaning products becoming more popular, people understand that the environment can be clean without smelling like chemicals. 
In environments with more sensitive occupants such as schools, hospitals, and senior living facilities, better air quality and a safer overall environment are important.
Next time we focus on how green cleaning chemistry has improved 
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