Facility and Risk Management Tips

Facility and Risk Management Tips presented by www.solidrockfacilitymanagers.com 

Steps To Prepare Your Facility For 

Climate and Weather Changes This Year 
With spring 2024 expected to alternate between late snowfalls and severe weather events, your buildings must be well-prepared for a range of weather-related risks.

The Farmer’s Almanac Spring 2024 Weather Forecast warns of a “Polar Coaster Spring,” signaling a season filled with fluctuations in weather patterns, including prolonged cold spells and a slow warm-up across most of countries 

With a season expected to alternate between late snowfalls and severe weather events, businesses must be well-prepared for a range of weather-related risks. With this in mind, QBE North America has shared best practices to help businesses navigate the potential challenges ahead.

“As we transition from the colder months into a notably unpredictable spring season, businesses need to recognize potential risks and strengthen their preparedness,” said Ted Cabaniss, AVP, Field Surveying, QBE North America. “Effective planning and preparedness are key to mitigating potential disruptions and accelerating recovery efforts in the face of adverse weather events.”


Get Ready To Spring Forward!
To ensure your organization’s readiness for this spring, QBE North America recommends the following steps:

1. Plan
Ensure access to and clearly mark all utility shut-off valves (e.g., water, sprinkler, gas, etc.) and know when and how to use them.
Reassess and update your business continuity strategies to include alternate suppliers for a swift recovery from potential disruptions.
Create an emergency plan and conduct regular drills of the plan with all team members.

2. Inspect and Maintain
Schedule comprehensive fleet maintenance service checks on company vehicles, including brake systems, wiper blades, tire pressure and oil levels and filters.
Evaluate and prune trees and landscaping to mitigate risk of damage to structures and/or power supply.
Inspect plumbing and pipes for signs of wear or damage to prevent water leaks.
Assess walkways, ramps, and outdoor spaces for any damage and address as needed.
Perform maintenance on any electrical systems, including backup generators and exterior lighting.
For facilities with recreational areas, ensure all equipment is safe and operational.

3. Clean
Remove accumulated clutter and debris inside and around the exterior of the property.
Safely dispose of unused flammable materials and ensure proper storage of necessary chemicals.
Clear and clean gutters, surface drains and grates and conduct a roof inspection of roof drains and HVAC condensate lines.
Address any landscape erosion and/or modifications needed to maintain effective drainage.

4. Respond
In the aftermath of property damage, prompt and efficient actions can help businesses address the issues quickly and safeguard against further harm. Here are some tips from QBE if a disaster were to occur:

* Conduct a damage assessment as soon as the area is safe to enter.

*Inspect all fire safety systems, including sprinklers, fire extinguishers and related components, for any signs of physical damage.
*Document the extent of the damage using photos and/or videos and secure any damaged parts/equipment for examination before initiating any cleanup efforts, restoration or repairs.
*Ensure damaged equipment is properly cleaned and dried and have its electrical integrity professionally assessed.
*Arrange for a certified technician to inspect and service heating and cooling systems before they are reactivated.
*Exercise caution when using portable or emergency generators and avoid locations near air intakes. Monitor for carbon monoxide buildup, power backfeeds and improper fueling.
* Ensure proper pest control is carried out for the elimination of flying insects, crawling insects, rodents, birds and dangerous reptiles 
“Unforeseen losses can occur despite the best preparations,” said Monique McQueen, VP, Property Claims, QBE North America. “Check in with your insurer to review your insurance policy and discuss any operational, property and/or workforce changes to ensure you have the right coverage.”
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