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Top Workplace Amenity Trends For 2023
A new report offers a deep dive into the emerging and existing amenities trends that are attracting employees back to the office.
The 2023 Workplace Amenities Report, conducted by SGA, aims to help developers and employers identify the most desirable amenities for today’s workforce.
The firm’s interior design team surveyed hundreds of employees spanning generations, locations, and industries to gauge their preferences for workplace amenities across four main categories: health and wellness, productivity and meeting space, daily convenience, and transportation.
With hybrid work spurring a nationwide “flight to quality” trend in commercial real estate, creating higher quality spaces and amenities that transform the workplace into a destination have become essential components of attracting employees and tenants back to the office.
Overall, the results of the survey demonstrate a reflection of larger societal shifts: a greater focus on personal well-being and safety, interest in sustainable modes of transportation, convenient places to grab food and packages, and spaces that facilitate social interactions. It also reinforces the importance of notable amenities such as staffed security desks and reservable meeting rooms while identifying emerging trends like IT bars, bike parking, and gender-neutral restrooms.
Key Findings
In terms of health and wellness amenities, the report found that air purification systems are what employees desire the most. Buildings with sustainable certifications, programs that promote personal wellness, and access to outdoor spaces were also highly desired.
When it comes to productivity and meeting spaces, 64% of respondents believe that IT/Tech Bars are a must-have or are increasingly desirable. Employees also reportedly want quiet lounges (72%), a training room or all-hands meeting space (59%), and the ability to reserve meeting rooms (57%).
Employees also value having daily conveniences, such as coffee, on hand throughout the work day. About 33% of respondents said that grocery/ meal pickup area or lockers are strongly desirable.
With respect to transportation, employees are becoming increasingly interested in ways to support more sustainable methods of transportation, such as by taking bikes or using EVs. Offering bike parking or EV charging stations are appreciated by employees, as are traditional amenities for driving, such as parking lots and garages.
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