Facility and Risk Management Tips

> How to Create a Facility Health and Safety Program. PART TWO > > > We continue our series on how to create a facility health and safety > program with focus on how to minimise risk and a clear culture > > > > > The goal is to minimize risks to department employees, occupants and > visitors. Contractors who work with the organization must share the same > commitment to health and safety as the organization. > > > > > > All department personnel must understand their roles and responsibilities > related to health and safety under the policy and contribute to continuous > improvement in this area. To ensure success, several foundational elements > must be in place: > > > Clear purpose and values around health and safety and a commitment to live > out those values every day > > > > A culture of accountability where the commitment to health and safety is > rewarded and unsafe acts and behavior are addressed accordingly > > A culture without fear of retaliation or retribution if one speaks up for > safety. > > > Employees who see a safety concern should feel empowered to speak up > immediately. They should feel empowered to report them, and they should > feel confident that the concern will be addressed in a timely manner. > > > A culture where employees have the right to stop their work or an activity > if risks haven’t been mitigated or if employees feel they are being put in > harm’s way. > > > A culture where resources and budget are allocated properly to enable a > robust health and safety system.A culture where health and safety data > drives decision making. > > > A culture where health and safety efforts are supported beyond the > workplace, even in employees’ homes and communities. > > > A comprehensive health and safety program can help managers protect > facility employees, occupants and visitors. > > > To be continued…. > > At Solid Rock, we are behind your business success > > > >