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Benefits Of Waterproofing
Waterproofing is essential to help reduce moisture levels in the interior surfaces, preventing water damage and structural breakdown across common surfaces such as walls, ceilings, basements, floors, rooftops and, bathrooms.
When it comes to waterproofing benefits, the most obvious benefit is protection from water. However, did you know that waterproofing your home or deck is one of the best things you can do for it? In addition to preventing possible water damage, waterproofing can also protect your home from the inside out. 
If you are thinking about waterproofing your home,  At Solid Rock we have come up with 10 benefits of waterproofing  
To protect the building from damage and give it an extended life, right waterproofing solution is necessary. Because water leakage and moisture cannot only lead to building damage and collapse, but also can create threat for human lives too.
1. Did you know that water damages account for 20% of all insurance claims made by homeowners? Waterproofing can prevent costly flooding repairs including basement and roof flooding.
2. Waterproofing helps to a create a healthier home environment for your family because it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to grow on a damp surface. Prolonged exposure to mold can cause asthma, hay fever, and other medical conditions.
3. Basement and roof waterproofing can help to lower your overall heating and cooling costs. This is because humid indoor air caused by basement and roof leaks puts a strain on AC use and can increase your energy bills as much as 10-15%.
4. Protect your floors with waterproofing. Underneath your floor, there’s usually a 2-4 inch concrete floor. When the concrete is so thin, it can be vulnerable to pressure from the ground water beneath it, which may cause cracks and leaks.
5. Increase the property value of your home. Mold and water damage can reduce the value of your home up to 25%. A waterproofed home ensures the overall protection and value of your home.Over 60% of basements  have a moisture problem.
6.  Increase the safety and wellbeing of your home by waterproofing as this will lower your moisture problems.
7. Help prevent structural damage to your home. When water seeps through the foundation of your home, it can cause significant foundation cracks and even lead the buckling of walls. 
Waterproofing inside and outside your home adds structural protection.
8. Protect your sump pump. Installing a sump pump is a great part of basement waterproofing, but sometimes they can break or stop working. Having additional waterproofing in the basement can provide extra protection to your home if the sump pump fails.
9. Protect your memories. Often times furniture, photo albums and memorabilia is stored in basements. If the basement floods, it may destroy and cause water damage to all your priceless artifacts.
10.Increase your wellbeing and decrease your stress. When you waterproof your home, you can rest easy knowing your home, your belonging and your family will be safe without the negatives effects that water damage and leaks can bring.
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